How it works?

How it works?

1. Discover Amazing things to do!  


  Find amazing experiences near you or away

2. Book an Experience! 


  Connect with Operators , confirm booking dates, and pay all through Wanderage’s trusted services

3. Have a Wonderful Time! 


Spend an amazing time doing what you love 

A Tribe Revolutionizing The Way We Share Experiences !

·         Wanderage is a platform for people to list, find, and book experiences and activities which they are passionate about and it allows travelers to publish and share their stories with fellow travelers so that they can inspire them to live a more wonderful and amazing life.

·         Wanderage helps make sharing easy, enjoyable and safe.


Our Services

We verify personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so operators and travelers can communicate with certainty, and have a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments.


Wanderage puts operators and travelers at ease with features like Verified ID and public reviews. A Verified ID indicates that you've  completed a specific set of verifications which includes - offline ID(Government ID proof), profile photo, email address, and phone number. Operators and travelers also build trust and cultivate their reputations by writing reviews about their experiences after each trip.

Messaging System

Our messaging system ensures that communication between operators and travelers stays on Wanderage so your contact information remains private until you have a confirmed reservation. 

Payment System

Our third party payment system supports several types of payment and payout methods. Wanderage collects traveler payments from the moment they make a reservation and our system helps you track your accumulated income. You can request to draw out at any time. The withdrawal processing time is two to three working days after traveler’s experience before releasing funds to the operator and the money shall be sent to your account registered with us. This way, travelers and operators can feel confident knowing that Wanderage will process and deliver payments when a reservation is honored.

24/7 Customer Support

Whether you’re travelling or operating, we’re here for you before, during, and after your experience. We've answered the most common questions about Wanderage in our FAQ section, and for everything else you can contact us by


For Operators/Leaders

1. List Your Experiences! 


Create a beautiful page of your Experience by our guided operator's tool

2. Easily Collect Money!

Collect money from travelers hassle free

      Sign up to become Operator

  • Start by creating your listing. Anyone can become an Operator by creating  a beautiful, shareable Experience or activity page with description, photos and custom details all in one place .
  • You can add as many experiences as you want, whenever you want. There’s no limit.

      What’s in a listing?

  •   You will fill out the description, take and upload high quality photos and pick a price. Your listing helps travellers get a sense of what your experience,activity is like.

      How travelers pay?

  •   Wanderage handles all of the payments, you never have to deal directly with money. Travelers get charged before they arrive.